Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bernard passed his test.........

After Bernard failed the annual "plating" test on Monday, we sent him to a mechanic who said that the handbrake would need to be adjusted and he would "take it from there", it could be that the only wheel cylinder that we haven't replaced has started to leak but the mechanic wouldn't know this until he delved a little deeper.........oh, please just let it be the handbrake.

The handbrake was adjusted, the brakes were bedded in, a bit of tweaking here and there and then the brakes were tested on a rolling road.

Bernard passed! Not only did he pass the test, but with flying colours - the braking system has never worked so well.

So, yesterday evening we collected him from Poole complete with a new 12 month pass certificate - deep joy! One less thing to think about, (to quote Forrest Gump).

So we shall go to the Frome Agricultural and Cheese Festival on Saturday after all.

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