Sunday, 21 February 2010

Clearing the decks....(again)

We've spent the weekend trying to reclaim space.....again. We seem to do a declutter about every three months or so but somehow never seem to make any headway. At least this time we can see a difference, one box of various bits for the local charity shop, three boxes of "stuff" for auction, three items on Ebay and one box of "don't quite know yet". The medallion cane back chair has gone home, six cane panels are boxed ready to post next week, two Wegner chairs went on Friday and joy of joys, the huge caned French bed parts will leave on Monday morning!

This bed has been with us for a long time, we had to make some pieces of missing carving, restore the whole frame, gild where necessary and then re-cane/tint the mainly double sided panels - it took forever of course. The owner lives in England and Australia, so this added to the problems. I don't think we will be taking on another project this big anytime soon.

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