Monday, 8 February 2010


Saturday night and it was our eldest sons birthday. An urgent phone call comes through....."...your mum's house has been burgled"! What can you say, "It's empty because she's in a dementia care home"?

Apparently the place is trashed - upturned drawers, the usual mess made by someone looking for items that are easy to sell. Luckily there is nothing there of any value to some "Herbert" looking for an easy sale. The lady is 75, there are no laptops, mobile phones, flat screen TVs or jewellry. As our youngest son said, "I hope whoever was responsible for this suffers". What can anyone say? I'm with our youngest on that vote.

So yet again we need to dash up to the Midlands - 3 hours, 150 miles. But we won't be allowed into the house until the police SOCO department have done their bit. Let's hope they catch them.

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