Friday, 25 September 2009

Danish furniture everywhere

It had to happen, guess it must be the 40 year generation gap thing, but at last simple form, style and beauty is back in fashion with a vengeance! We started noticing it about 5-7 years ago, more 50's and 60's Danish furniture was turning up at the workshop for "revival" and re-seating, usually with apologies from the owner for it not really being "a true antique", (can you believe it!). Many pieces were the wonderfully thoughtful, sinuous designs of Hans Wegner chiefly made by Carl Hansen - true classics and a joy to restore. We love it, when you start with something that was always exceptional but now age worn and weary, then inevitably after a little TLC you end with something spectacular, it's truly satisfying work.

The trickle of Danish furniture has almost turned into a flood, but the best part about it is that the majority of people wanting to preserve these iconic pieces are getting younger, hooray! A whole new generation with an appreciation of good solid design and craftsmanship, perhaps we'll be kept busy for a while yet. I did finally finish the huge Danish table top yesterday, only the 8 foot sideboard to do now....and then the chairs.....

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