Monday, 21 September 2009

The 100th birthday party

We've never been to a one hundredth birthday party before and I don't suppose it is likely to happen again in the near future - but on the 20th September Gran was 100 years old and a family party was held for her in Bournemouth on Saturday. The weather was the best it has been for months, a glorious blue sky with hours of bright, warm sunshine. All of the family gathered in the gardens of the rest home where she now lives - all 70 odd of us, children, grandchildren, great and great, great grandchildren ranging in age from about 2 to 94. Quite a sight! We didn't have to travel very far from home to the venue, but one part of the family had arrived from Cornwall, so we had the added bonus of seeing the whole extended family for the first time in years.

Gran was on good form, she was mentioned in the local news on Friday night, then on Saturday morning the Mayor presented her with a telegram from the Queen, a lovely buffet lunch was prepared by daughter Mary and grandaughters, then served by the great grandchildren. For the late afternoon a choir came to the home to perform in her honour. What a special day.

If I live that long, I hope that I will be as mobile, lucid and quick witted as Gran - she reminded me that I hadn't visited her recently - it hadn't gone unnoticed! I promised not to leave it so long next time.............What a lady, happy birthday.

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