Monday, 16 April 2012

Magistretti Carimate, Bauhaus Cesca and a day off!

It's an absolutely glorious day here today, but I shall be stuck in the workshop replacing the cane panelling in yet more Bauhaus Cesca chairs. It has been another one of those weeks when virtually every day the postman has arrived bearing a boxed gift of either drop in Magistretti Carimate or Cesca seat frames! It keeps me out of trouble and I'm certainly not complaining, but by Sunday we really needed a breath of fresh air, so we went for one of those magical mystery tour drives.......

Over the hill at Longbridge Deverill, fluffy clouds and fabulous views of fields full of rapeseed and livestock.

Then on to the tiny village of Limpley Stoke near Bath. The picture above is a road honest, you can see the top of the car bonnet! This is where Mr FG used to walk to school.

His parents used to run this pub at the top of the hill, the little attic dormer window was his bedroom for a few years.

This is the view from the patio to the rear. You can see the river on the left and the railway on the right. Further across to the left is the Avon and Kennet canal, unfortunately the trees have grown so tall that you can't see it now. We sat and drank coffee while Mr FG tried to work out how the building had been altered over the years, it seemed that all but one open fireplace had been changed almost beyond recognition. It was good to sit and ponder, the past and the present, sadness and happiness.

Then we drove on.

Into the georgian grandeur of Bath!

This is the "Hole in the Wall" restaurant, an amazing place built under the footpath and other buildings above.

We toured around the area randomly until about 3pm and then made for home. It was lovely, a real refresher. A tour around our past, how lucky am I?

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