Thursday, 27 October 2011


It's been raining heavily on and off for days now, so much so that yesterday when we were walking back home from the village we were completely soaked through by a passing van, (going too fast as usual). The road was like a fast flowing river, the van created a massive wave that engulfed the pair of us, there was no escape! By the time we got home both of us had to change ALL of our clothes. Will this rain ever stop?

We had a big order of stock arrive on Tuesday, two great big pallets that had to be manhandled from the lorry into the store, luckily the rain did stop briefly while we moved it all, but the ground was soaking wet, we were up to our ankles in puddles. By the time we'd moved the best part of a tonne of stuff we looked like drowned rabbits!

Meanwhile, remember this?

Well it has a new home now and I'm sad to see it go, but you can't keep everything can you? We won't get much chance to create original works over the "dark season" so it'll probably be Spring before I get a chance to start playing with all of the other ideas we have in mind. For now it's back to answering the phone, weaving Wegner Wishbones and putting in new cane panels! I don't like the cold and damp, I just want to hibernate - wake me up when the sun starts shining please!

Do the dark, dark days of the approaching Winter affect your working life? Or is it just me?

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