Friday, 5 August 2011

Friday is for finishing things.

Another Friday, where does all the time go!? Everything is taking longer than expected, there are seized in screws where there should be easy to remove nails - the finish that I thought was french polish isn't so it needs to be stripped - the joints that needed re-gluing and looked like they would fall apart actually have hidden nails in them....etc.....grrrr!

On a happier note, the Mouseman footstool and the French "shabby chic" chairs are finished, hurrah! The canework on the chairs was so fine, it took forever. Normally an English chair will have about 9-10 drilled frame holes per 6" around the perimeter of the seat, which means that the guage of the weaving is quite broad, however, these French chairs had 15/16 holes per 6", so as you can guess the guage is much tighter and it takes a lot longer to do.

The rest of today will be spent putting cane panels into "Habitat" seat frames, because for whatever reason, we've had over a dozen arrive this week - things do seem to go in phases. We're also trying to get ahead of ourselves for the show at Stock Gaylard later this month. So far we have prepared three more footstools to work on and I have dyed a batch of cane for some more baskets. Perhaps next week will be a bit easier.....


Leanne said...

Ah, stock gaylard! I couldnt take up your offer of a cuppa in Bernard at Sherborne Castle, maybe its still open for then? :-) :-)

Leanne x

The Seat Bottomer said...

Of course Leanne, it'll be great to see you there!

Milk, sugar, Earl Grey, might struggle for lemons though?!

Kim x