Friday, 10 June 2011

It's nice to be appreciated!

We're not very good at joining clubs, associations and that sort of thing. Partly because we're not able to give them as much time and attention as we'd like to give them and maybe also because we can be quite solitary and private sometimes. So it came as a surprise last week to learn that one of the few associations we are members of had received a note from someone singing our praises! A teacher and professional caner, (we don't know who) had written to the Basketmakers Association just to tell them that they had bought and used all three of our DVDs and wished to recommend them to the membership proclaiming them to be excellent! The Association printed the details in their quarterly magazine this May. We knew nothing about it.

Praise indeed and very humbling, it is so nice when someone takes time out of their day to do something like that. Whoever you are, if you are reading this, I would like to say thank you very much, it is much appreciated!

It doesn't seem like it but it was about five years ago that we finally finished the DVD training "trilogy" and have sold hundreds all over the world since. The filming process took four gruelling years - we spent months finding the right seats to work on - organising venues to film at - voiceovers, (oh how I hated those!) etc. Paul the wonderful film maker, (and now a great friend) has the patience of a saint and a perfect eye for detail. True dedication to a level that I have never encountered before. He is currently self funding and making a low budget British film, it is looking REALLY promising, if you would like to have a look, his facebook page about the film is here On Common Ground. We wish him all the luck in the World and I hope its a blockbuster!! Please give him as much support and encouragement as you can - trust me, there is one Craftsman who TRULY deserves it!

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