Monday, 12 July 2010

Noses to the grindstone

Saturday was spent concrete breaking! The foundations of the old garage workshop are now three quarters dug out, but the skip was already full so we will have to wait for the next one to arrive before we can get rid of the remaining waste. It was a mucky, noisy job, but hopefully that's the worst over with now.

Meanwhile back in our "bijou" little studio, we are fighting for space! Fourteen footstool frames are in various stages of restoration, along with six chairs and other projects. Two of the chairs used to belong to my Mother in Law, a sweet pair of Hall Porters chairs dating from the mid 19th century. She bought them back in the 70's from an elderly gentleman who had fallen on hard times - she didn't need the chairs, but felt sorry for the poor old man!. As time has passed the old glue has dried out and as a result, they need total restoration.

I think it might be a little while yet before anyone will be sitting on them again!

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