Thursday, 29 July 2010

The CLA Game Fair - Part 2

The delivery of materials arrived on Tuesday afternoon, so the two of us manhandled parcels weighing anything up to 50 kilos into the store - it was worth it though, our stocks are back to normal at last.

Back to the Game Fair....Opposite the craft area was an outdoor adventure zone for the children. There were all sorts of challenging things for them to do like "zorbing". This was part of our view over the scene.

There was a "paratower", bungee star and a climbing wall too. The children loved it. Alongside this were the mountain boarders putting on a show about three times a day. They were doing acrobatics from a vertical drop and ramps over a Land Rover - too much energy!!

Here are some more photos of our friends in the craft row:

Neil and his lovely shapely seats!!

Paul with his elegant signs.

And the fascinating craft of engraving.

Well we have a month now before our last but one show of the season - where does all the time go.....

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