Wednesday, 5 May 2010

June 1st - VAT "D" day!

Sorry everyone but the time has come............As of June 1st Seat Weaving Supplies will be registered for the dreaded VAT.

We will be absorbing as much of the 17.5% increase as we can. What it will mean in real terms is most of our prices will have to increase by between 10-15%. Please forgive us! We haven't increased our prices for many, many years, (as our regulars know) and fingers crossed we WILL NOT need to increase them again any time soon. We are absolutely commited to keeping these traditional skills alive, so promise that we will always source the best quality materials at the best price possible for the benefit of all.

As an example, hand cane currently £40.00 will be £45.00 per kilo for 2.00mm - 4.00mm, £22.50 for a half kilo, currently £20.00 etc. The "Reel Rush" and other cords currently £9.00 per kilo will increase to £10.00.

There is some good news though........for those of you who are also VAT registered it will mean that your materials will cost you less because you can claim the VAT back!!!! If you need to order loads, may we suggest placing an order in the next couple of weeks.......could save some money.........

I'll run away and hide now.

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