Monday, 12 December 2011

Goodbye to the Cotswolds

Last week turned out to be busier than we'd expected. The people buying Mother-in-law's house decided that they wanted to move in on the 9th, but we only got to know about these plans on the 5th!

So we visited the Cotswolds for the last time.

This is Bourton on the Hill. The main street is lined with houses built from mellow stone, most of them look out onto fabulous views across the surrounding countryside. Along with other beautiful villages and towns along the route to Mother-in-law's house, they're "old friends" now. But my favourite view of all was always this one.

Just outside Chipping Campden there is a fantastic 360 degree view across the undulating hills. There are endless dry stone walls marking ancient boundaries, fields and forests, it's simply magical.

Well that's it now, no more frantic car journeys in all weathers. Perhaps Christmas might be a little bit more peaceful this year after all.....

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