Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Bluebell Wood

What beautiful weather - so warm for this time of the year. We decided to make the most of it on Saturday - for years now I've wanted to go to one of the local bluebell woods, but for various reasons the only free time we've ever had was too early or too late to see them at their best. Not this year...........!

The one thing the photo can't give an impression of is the gorgeous smell of hyacinth and fresh earth.

It was wonderful. This wood is a popular spot on the Kingston Lacy Estate near Wimborne. The bluebells were in full bloom and the weather was PERFECT.....one of those days you will remember forever.

Felix Dennis summed it up for me perfectly in his poem The Bluebell Wood. You can hear him reading the full poem here. It is this last section that made me realise that he feels the same way about the woods....

"My mind has marked that afternoon
To hoard against life's stone and sling;
Should I go late, or I go soon,
The bluebells glow- the birds still sing."


Janet said...

Ohhhh, wow !! Thank you so much for sharing ! How lovely the Estate must be ! I will enjoy these pictures, but wish I could have been there.
Jan Noall
Wicker Woman Forum

The Seat Bottomer said...

Hi Jan, I wish you could have seen it....it was magical! If you want to see the other photos I took in full resolution, they're posted on Flickr here: