Friday, 12 March 2010


With thoughts of getting the truck ready for the "show season", we've realised that we must also start thinking about preparing some exhibition stock. Last year I made a few splint baskets to add interest to our display. It made a change and happily they were well received. So this year it would be good to make some more adventurous ones. Another reason for wanting to make baskets - I strained my back at the weekend while digging in the garden, so a gentle sit down job will suit much better just now than trying to walk round a chair pulling and tugging at the seat!!

I enjoyed dying the splint and mixing the different tones of colour together, so perhaps this year I'll be a bit bolder with some of the colours. I also made a few baskets in non traditional shapes which were sold very quickly, so maybe I'll have a go at some more outrageous ideas this year.

If I can give myself a little more free time, (ha ha), it would be nice to play with some of the other ideas I want to experiment with, but as usual it seems like that's unlikely to happen.

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